Friday, September 19, 2008

Reader's Question: Comment Deleted

How come a comment I left on your blog was deleted?

Generally, I welcome your feedback. It is as a result of your feedback that I disabled comment moderation on this blog some time back.

I also think learning from others is an important facet of life. One's views are not necessarily a final view on matters and this is particularly applicable to the things I share here. There is often a different way of looking at things. And such criticism also help our views to evolve with the passing of time. I have often hoped that more people will share their views, without having to use a pseudonym or be anonymous. Individuals should be willing to speak candidly about issues that concern them and be prepared to hear things as candidly.

But a line has to be drawn, especially where a comment is defamatory, seditious or insensitive. Sometimes, readers also leave spam. For example, information about financial scams. It is in these situations that a comment will be deleted. Of course, I accept that there is nothing to stop one from setting up one's own platform to make such remarks there or to find other ways to make one's views known. That is certainly within one's prerogative as a reader of this blog.

Dharmendra Yadav

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