Sunday, September 21, 2008

Motivation For Success


A friend today shared with me about how he stretched himself in order to achieve financial independence.

When he first started work, he set himself a goal to purchase a car that could take to and fro work. He saved enough money to buy a car in his first year of work.

Then, he set himself a goal of buying a property. He bought a private apartment with a couple of bedrooms soon after. Recently, he sold the apartment to purchase a bungalow.

He said, every time he decided to use his money in such a manner, he was forced to save money and watch his expenses. By taking on such liabilities, he was also motivated to work harder and stretch himself. This, in turn, enabled him to be more successful.

It reminded me of something else another friend had shared some years ago.

Many parents only have children when they can afford to raise one. This friend has three children. He said, every time his wife gave birth, it would motivate him to find a way to afford that child.

Today, he is studying at a top business school. He also has a successful business. Some years ago, his wife secured a double promotion at work. Having more children motivated them to be more successful.

We have different motivations for success. It is important to find the motivation that will stretch us.

Dharmendra Yadav

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