Friday, September 19, 2008

Needy Train Travellers

In public trains operating in cities, one often finds a sign encouraging a person to give up his or her seat to someone else who needs it more.

Those in need include the elderly, very young children and pregnant women. In Thailand, this list of needy people even includes priests!

I realise a lot of times people travelling on the trains end up not looking out for such needy.

One such situation happened this afternoon. I was on they way home after having lunch with a friend.

As I walked into the train, I notice a very frail old man standing in the train. He was so weak he had to hold onto the railings on the train with both hands, and his arms were shivering. Seated opposite where the old man was standing were some young persons. I suspect they didn't notice the old man.

I approached one of the young persons and requested that he give up his seat for the old man. He did so as soon as I brought the old man's predicament to his attention. The old man fell asleep within minutes of sitting down. Aww, bless him.

And bless the young man who gave up his seat too. I realised some time later that the young lad was Muslim. This being the month of Ramadan, he would have been observing his fast at that time. He had had nothing to eat or drink since the break of dawn. Thus, he probably needed to remain seated too.

I regretted, at that time, not approaching someone else. But I laud the young person's will to help someone else more in need, even though he was in need too.

We should be sensitive to the needs of others. We can also help others be sensitive to the needs of others.

Dharmendra Yadav

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