Monday, September 29, 2008

Investigative Journalism & Foreign Workers


1. Some years ago, Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong stood up and argued that there is no place for investigative journalism in Singapore.

2. Several have begged to differ. The above Al-Jazeera English video underscores the case of those who disagree with SM Goh.

3. Of course, one has to view this video with a pinch of salt since it features no official response from Singapore.

4. Nevertheless, considering the story was aired over a week ago (according to the Youtube link above), there has been no official reaction from Singapore's Ministry of Manpower to this video too.

5. Usually, the Singapore Government is quick to react to issues that are raised by reputable international media, especially those available in Singapore.

6. Perhaps, there are similar stories that Singapore's own local media will find the courage to pursue. But then again it would not be in Singapore's national interest to have its own local media publicise its less than satisfactory laundry, would it?

7. There are precedents, however. For example, The Straits Times' shaming of National Kidney Foundation's excesses.

8. As a result of this initiative, Singapore now has a more accountable National Kidney Foundation. It has also led to higher standards of corporate governance within the charity landscape as a whole.

9. Thank you, Prashant, for sharing this video with me.

Dharmendra Yadav

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black feline said...

omigosh...the first comment makes me cry! sorry..cant help's so inappropiate. What a stupid comment! Hope the person gets run over by the

Anonymous said...

While this is appalling and no doubt such mistreatment does occur in S'pore (and should be stopped), one thing to note is that in general FWs are much better treated in S'pore and M'sia than in the Middle East. Dare al jazeera do an expose of how FWs fare in dubai?