Monday, September 22, 2008

Use Lawyer For Injury Claims

A young professional was involved in a road accident some time last year, where he was hospitalised for various injuries. He was a pillion-rider on a motorcycle.

After being discharged, he also realised that he would have permanent scars on some parts of his body. He had judiciously kept all his medical bills and the receipts of transportation expenses he incurred following the accident.

Following his discharge from hospital, he made a claim against the motorcycle's insurer.

The insurer initially offered to pay his medical bills and offered a few hundred dollars to him as compensation.

The young professional approached me, as he was not sure if he should accept the offer. I told him to appoint a lawyer to get independent advice and to deal with the insurance company.

He said he wasn't sure if he could afford a lawyer. I shared that some lawyers may be willing to hold off payment until the conclusion of the matter, that is after the insurer had made him a compensation.

He shopped around and found a lawyer, who agreed to do so and subject to payment of a nominal deposit.

The lawyer secured for him a settlement at least ten times higher than the meagre compensation initially offered to him.

If you are involved in an accident, where you are a victim, seek legal advice about your rights before making a settlement with an insurer. Often, an insurer prefers to swiftly close the matter and, in accepting a quick settlement, you may compromise your interests.

When appointing a lawyer, make sure you ask the lawyer about his or her track record in cases involving traffic accident victims. An experienced and competent lawyer can help secure a fairer settlement for you.

Dharmendra Yadav

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