Friday, January 05, 2007

Feedback From Another Blog

Another blog recently provided some feedback about this blog. This is my response to them.


It has been alleged that I am "a pawn being used to instill fear and intimidation, and condition internet users from speaking candidly about their issues with the associated affiliations".

I am also - allegedly - a "coward" since I am "afraid of potential public dialogue on [my] views that [I] enabled comment moderation of" my blog.

They finally colourfully invite their readers to write to me directly: "spam the hell out of his email inbox".


I respect their right to hold such views.

I read this blog from time to time since I have found it provides me a perspective different from what one finds in the mainstream media. This has enabled me to arrive at a balanced position on various issues.

As alternative media, it is imperative that they continue their work in providing different perspectives, and the least that anyone can do is to continue to read them.


I also agree that my call for self-regulation may not have been helpful in encouraging individuals to express themselves, although I would add that it was not intentional.

In fact, I thought that having some guidelines which enable bloggers to self-regulate will encourage more to come out and express themselves.

I have also recognised in the past that, while there many other reasons for not expressing oneself, one reason people don't do this is because of fear.

I have often hoped that more people will share their views, without having to use a pseudonym or be anonymous.

Individuals should be willing to speak candidly about issues that concern them and be prepared to hear things as candidly.

To this end, I will be setting up another blog, The House of Happiness, through which I hope to persuade my loved ones, including the readers of this blog, to share their thoughts on any issue that concern them.

I am happy to share that many friends have agreed to come forward and support this initiative, and I expect The House of Happiness to be up and on by the end of this month.

I hope that, as time passes, more individuals will support this initiative or even do the same with their loved ones.


I also recognise that, in enabling comment moderation, I have come across as a coward. However, this was not because I fear potential discussion on views. I was afraid that someone would leave a comment that would leave me having to face dire consequences.

I have, since receiving this feedback, revisited this issue. As a result, I have decided to face this fear and disable comment moderation. And I thank this blog for the opportunity to reflect.


I also second the blog's invitation to their readers to write to me. Please share with me and enable me to learn from you.


Finally, I also wish to clarify that I work for an insurance cooperative, which is linked to the National Trades Union Congress, as opposed to NTUC directly.

However, the views posted on this blog by me are personal, that is they are mine only.

Dharmendra Yadav

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Anonymous said...

That no one responses to your blog is the real fear that you may indeed be a pawn in the government schemes of thing.