Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feedback to Challenging Times by Aljunied Resident

Thank you to all readers who have offered their feedback on this posting. I am especially grateful to those, who checked the issues raised with the relevant town council and/or provided your own assessment of the situation on the ground. I am also appreciative of the journalists, who helped verify the situation and confirmed that this was not the case.

Based on your feedback, I asked the Aljunied resident for his response, in particular which areas he checked and if he had checked these areas again. He replied, “121 bedok reservoir road in front the coffeeshop... I just went around again... Most workers are back... The chutes have been cleared... Only one with the recycling bins were out.”

Unfortunately, he did not take photographs of what he saw so his views are at best subjective.

On account of your feedback and his response, I think the Aljunied resident was perhaps reacting with mimosa-like sensitivity to the situation.

I should add that, at the end of the day, this is one person's impression of how the estate was managed. I had suggested to the Aljunied Resident that he make himself known but he has some very personal reasons to remain anonymous. I am happy to respect his wish. While I do not agree with all that he has disclosed, I have no reason to doubt his sincerity or intentions.

Some of you have also replied to offer help. For those of you who are keen to offer help, please do contact the new leaders of Aljunied directly.

Some of you have questioned my motivation for making available the posting; my motivation is disclosed here.

A journalist asked what I thought of the situation. I think most of your responses go some way to show that participants of social media are responsible and, contrary to a prevailing view, not necessarily pro-opposition for the sake of being so. It also shows people do approach issues they read on social media critically, which is a positive development.

Dharmendra Yadav

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Simple Thots said...
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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the seed of doubt has been sowed and your earlier post has gone viral. Who is gonna clean up the cyber mess now?

And now, the authenticity of this post is also in doubt now but its purpose to encourage people to vote for WP was successful and George Yeo had been voted out.

KW Ow said...

Well, perhaps you can put a disclaimer in that referred article that the 'described situations' are yet to be verified.

Personally that article gives me the creeps. I question the intention no matter how you may try to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that writing tht kind of post with no evidence can cause alot of misunderstanding for ppl with PAP? isn't it bad enough alr? I suggest you remove tht post.

Anonymous said...


And like the rest of the Aljunied GRC residents, I would like to also add on that the cleaners are still seen doing their jobs for the past 3 mornings, when I usually see them while walking to the bus stop. I'm staying at Hougang Avenue 3 by the way.

Your previous post shows exactly how biased you are against the PAP. Appreciate if you could get facts right before posting such a detrimental entry to PAP, and in this case, George Yeo and the PAP team.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Your "Aljunied resident" always sounds the same (i.e. convoluted). I think you should be honest and own up that you are your "Aljunied resident" as it is *pretty* obvious what is going on here.

Are you also a "Potong Pasir resident", "Marine Parade resident", and "Pulau Ubin resident"?

The world is your home? :)

Anonymous said...

umm hello, i live in aljunied grc and my block is still clean as ever, cleaner than a lot of others i've seen actually. i'm living in bedok reservoir btw.

why don't you take some pictures, or better yet, videos of the place you claim to be a slum?

Anonymous said...

You blog is thinkhappiness, but you must be very unhappy in your actual life that make you have such illusion.

Anonymous said...

It appears that your trust in the strength of his assessment (nb: I'm not saying : his veracity) is misplaced.

I suggest you chastise him. His imagination has managed to turn blank nothingness into a perceived molehill. Then, from a virtual out of this world molehill, his creative mind built a mountain of an essay.

Please re-evaluate your trust in the strength of his personal assessments.

Anonymous said...

Cheers to Aljuned Town Council if they decide to take legal action against you.

Anonymous said...

For the love of Singapore, Singaporeans have a duty to stop such unverified online allegations from spreading.

We owe this duty of love to our family and children.

I applaud all the fellow Singaporeans seen here in this duty of love.

Anonymous said...

Your biased view against PAP and imagination have blind your eyes. Do u seriously hate PAP that much? Irresponsible posting when u haven't all your facts.

Anonymous said...

yeah agree. someone should do something to stop this kind of irresponsible postings.

however that someone must not be in anyway affiliated to the garment!! Else that will provide more fuel for rumormongers to flame the garment... foreign media will gleefully portray the garment as undemocratic, hardline, suppressing free speech etc.

Anonymous said...

i think that rather than posting this article to clarify your earlier post, it should be totally removed, now that you have received confirmation that the claims are false. it would be in the best interests of all.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion is to amend the earlier post with an update at the top of the article to tell them about the clarification and new findings here.

Anonymous said...

Placing this article as a link on your earlier post is not enough. Write a short update of your new findings on the earlier post. Readers of your earlier post may not click on the link and as a result, they will still be holding on to the anger they have for the PAP from reading the earlier post.

Eva said...

@Little anonymous spamming troll.
Just post all your negative comments at one go.

Anonymous said...

We appreciate objective views and not pussy's views. Before elections complain and after elections also complain. Come on la give the workers a break can it's only a few days after elections and you're so quick to judge. And I believe aljunied is now WP 's responsbility and not PAP's so complain about WP if you want and stop being biased.
And yes I agree with the rest you should either remove that post or amend it. It's too misleading.

gastropod said...

I have no idea what the prev post was about, and what the intention was. If it was a genuine call for volunteers, so vr it! Dont taint it with unecessary, unhelpful, misguiding information.

Has your view on your estate been psychologically altered?

There's only so much a govt, a party and change Singapore. What matters most is the people within the country. You know how much you can change your own way of living. To live better, change your attitude.

Anonymous said...

121 Bedok Reservoir Road? I live just few blks away. And everything has been the same, before and after the GE.

It doesn't matter even if the so-called Aljunied Resident really did exist or not. You hold as much responsibility by posting the posts.

Anonymous said...

your post on aljunied residents being punished just shows me and so many people, how truly dumb, retarded and brainless many opposition supporters are.

I hate opposition supporters more than i hate any political party.

Also, i will not be taken in by your little "here" links so that more people would read your boring blog, thereby increasing your readership.

I'm gonna find a way to report you.

Anonymous said...

To all you PAP proxies, that's who you all are, have you conveniently (as usual) forgotten who started it all? For your sake, let me recall for you: THAT ONE who THREATEN the Aljunied GRC voters would REGRET AND MUST REPENT.

It's like UFOs -if someone planted the idea that he saw one, many others would be looking out for it. And some may actualy think they saw it too!

The best thing is for all of us to behave like mature adults and stop behaving like some big bully. Also people believe because they have actually experienced it before. So if the culprit gets a taste of his own medicine, please try not to do it again after you realise that it wasn't so nice when you are at the receiving end. Treat others as you would want others to treat you -JC and Confucius.