Friday, December 15, 2006

Why I Write But Not Always Right

Recently, a position I took has sparked off a robust debate in the blogosphere.

A friend today wrote an e-mail to me to say "not often I think you [are] right", and agreed with a point I had made in another e-mail.

I responded and shared some quick thoughts with him.

First, I don't claim to always be right on everything I share. Opinions, even the so-called "balanced" ones, are often subjective.

Second, I don't write for people to agree with me or to be seen as relevant.

At the end of the day, I will be bored by the staleness that such agreement or relevance brings.

Instead, in expressing myself, I would like to see my views tested.

I rather people disagree with what I express. It is the best way of knowing one's views are being acknowledged, mulled, debated and disputed.

This, as a process, has enabled me to revisit my own views, revise them where needed, and grow as a person.

This is also one the reasons why I value those friends - all of whom are, quite frankly, my mirrors - that subject my views to their numerous and rigorous tests.

So reader, please let me write and, please do feel free to tell me when and why I am not right.

Dharmendra Yadav


Lived Nomed said...

It is also important to realize that sometimes people do distort what you write as well. Of course, a controversial issue like this will know no bounds.

Anonymous said...

I advise you to remove your fren's posting for your own good. Defamation/Sedation Act can get you into trouble if someone wants to report on this matter. U can express your own and fren's views freely but you do have to bear full responsibility as a consequence of your action. Take care.