Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update from Aljunied resident: Challenging Times

Some days back, a friend wrote about his choice in Aljunied. Today, he wants to give you an insight into what is happening now that he has exercised his choice. Essentially, they need all the help that they can find. [Note: Please read the follow-up here.]

Many years ago, I told Sylvia Lim, if she were elected in any constituency, I will come help her make a difference on a non-partisan basis. I am pleased that I will finally make good on that word.

Dharmendra Yadav


Dear friends of Aljunied and Singapore,

I wish to thank my dear friend, Dharmendra, who has graciously allowed me to voice my thoughts here. I also thank the brave souls of Aljunied who have taken the leap of faith with me. And the many many many of you who have showered us with your blessings, your comforting words and your love. We at Aljunied are indeed a privileged lot. Or are we?

Today, after mulling over for many times over, I decided to write this second essay. This time, addressing what is the situation on the ground and what needs to be done urgently.

So let me start.

When the Workers' Party won by a margin that was more than they probably dreamt of, the only member of the winning team who knew what to expect was Mr Low Thia Khiang. By this, I mean that he and only he alone knew what the PAP would be doing next.

As everyone is aware by now, rumours have been flying around that cleaning services have been terminated and thus, refuse is just lying around, making it a “slum”. And now, the rest of us know.

Now now, my dear friends, this is not the problem. This is a temporary hurdle that we need to cross. And everyone is watching, those who support us, as well as those who deride us.

This piece is from my heart. And I hope you will receive it in faith and address the immediate concerns at hand, which I believe will be solved with everyone's help. Those of you who have friends in cleaning services or any of the activities listed below, please help us out.

Daily Life

On the surface, nothing has changed in Aljunied. But hear hear, a great deal has changed. And not for the better mind you. The day after the Great Day, notice boards were stripped of everything they held save the brackets. I believe even that was due for taking down as I saw some of them trying to remove those boards to no avail.

Rubbish bins placed around the neighhourhood were immediately removed so people now had to go back into their houses to throw things away. Suddenly, everything WAS MADE TO STOP WORKING.

I am only thanking my lucky stars that the water in my pipe and the electricity has not stopped.

I drove around the whole of Aljunied yesterday from 8am to 3pm. The sights of what I saw will be what I will be sharing with everyone shortly.

In a lot of places, rubbish has not been cleared. Cleaning contractors do not don their familiar t-shirts bearing the Aljunied Town Council logo any more. A lot of them (those who I saw working) were wearing their own clothes. The posters of the PAP have been removed. In their places, bare rostrums of steel gleam brightly awaiting their next banners.

A lot of blocks have not been swept. There is litter and leaves and what nots on the grass that the little children play on. The green grass that the elderly walk on. The green grass that the cats eat when their stomachs are in pain.

I do not understand this. Why are the children, the babies, the elderly and the innocent being punished like this? Won't we recoil in horror if we saw our little one walk and pick up a piece of rubbish on the ground and put it in her mouth?

Would we not yell out in horror if our aged mother or father slipped and fell? Or shake our heads in utter disgust when the stench in the air is so powerful and yet our aged parents cannot walk fast enough to escape the smell due to their age?

Is this what we pay our taxes for? Is this what we call a First World Nation? Is this what is called “Care”? What happened to the 45% who voted for PAP? Are they supposed to suffer as well? What about their children? And their parents?

Where are you, George Yeo? Where art thou? He who speaketh of reform!

But frankly, there is no need to panic my dear friends. We have committed on a journey. We will see it through. And we do not need our former poster Ministers to aid us. We will do it ourselves.

But that which unfolds over the next few days and weeks, will reveal to the people, in graphic detail, how we will be chastised by the establishment and yet, how brave a people we are in Aljunied.

And more importantly, how this current Government will “listen” to alternative voices and “care” for everyone. I mean, that is what our pledge says right? Regardless of race, language or religion.

Our immediate concern: We need help in getting some cleaners into our estates really quickly. Those who have the means or contacts or friends, please do so... quickly!

MPS (Meet-The-People Sessions)

Let me touch on this briefly. I will be outlining in a separate piece on the mechanics of it again later.

MPS is currently the only way that our MP can now interact with us. It typically happens once every week and that too, within a certain time period.

We need to find a way to circumvent this limitation. Otherwise, everybody will be overwhelmed. Let me explain.

When a PAP MP writes a letter, residents will accept whatever the petition writers told them.

“They will reply you in two weeks.”

“They will let you know in a few days, you just wait for the letter.”

With our new crop, people will be coming in to DEMAND. And I will naturally think that these will be “orchestrated” for some reason, or genuine, I really don't know.

I expect the first session to be challenging. But hell, we are used to challenges by now. So those of you who can volunteer time, stationery, water, writing materials, printers, laptops and so on, do speak with our team (Mr Low and company) and determine how we can solve this quickly.

Our new MP will need all the help he can get. So those of you who are professionals – lawyers, doctors, lecturers and so on - please put aside time to aid those who need help. People who cannot write letters can type the letters. Those who cannot type can call out the numbers. Those who cannot call out the numbers can do some translation work.

There is work for everyone my dear friends. And we need to turn out in numbers to aid those who need our help. To ensure that NO ONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. Even in these trying times.

My dear friends of Aljunied and Singapore, we the residents need you to rally around us to lift us. We have made history by making the impossible possible. Now, join us in our journey to rebuild our country, one step at a time, one person at a time. Join us in our endeavour to never let ANYONE bully us into submission.

I leave you with the wise words of Winston Churchill: "One ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half."

Humbly yours,
An Aljunied Resident

Please consider the environment - do you really need to print this?
Do leave a comment as it will make a difference.


networth81 said...

I'm all ears. Let me know how I can help.

iceywicey said...

i'm residing in woodlands. but im all up for this change. if i can't have that sense of feeling in sembawang GRC, i would love the experience in Aljuneid. How do we offer our helping hands?

Anonymous said...

Count me in, don't know what area I can be of help, but it's will be a privilege.... I can be contacted at or twitter @buttercrab

Anonymous said...

It's heartbreaking seeing this. All of us knew that the government is going to make things difficult for the WP, for the residents! That is what LKY meant by, live and repent! We got tired of "threatens". We will continue to strive on like how the oppositions work to make a difference. It can never be easy. But we will do whatever we can to help. The unity of the residents is the best way to tell the government that we are desperate for a change. We are all willing to give a hand to help to make a difference. This is our choice! We will work together! I'll be ready to help.

Anonymous said...

Oh ya.. Contact me at

Anonymous said...

I live in Serangoon North and was one of the many who voted for Workers' Party. I don't think anything has changed, i.e I saw my usual cleaning crew doing their things. The void deck was clean and refuse was not lying around. But then again, I left singapore on Monday evening and it will be interesting to see how things are. Will be getting updates from my mother on the cleanliness of the estate.


Anonymous said...

I hope the WP is ready to keep pushing for transparency and equality in parliament. Do it relentlessly, and dont be overwealmed by these new pressures. My heart / prayers with you even though I am overseas. Pioneers of the New Singapore.

Anonymous said...

i'm in as well... Aljunied really did a good job voting WP in, and we do not want them to regret... let us show PAP what is the power of the people... you can just contact me at i am a student who is still looking for a job, thus would be quite free... it would be great if you all could post a list of positions that we are able to help with... thanks...

Shermz said...

Would like to know how I can help. Am ready and willing to do whatever little I can, really. I don't know if my email will be attached to this comment but yeah I'll be checking this comments section out to see if you've replied or what.

Really heartbreaking is right. I'm sad and raging at the same time, surreal feeling. My heart goes out to you guys, hope this virtual moral support is enough.

Tell me a Story said...

I don't get the rationale for stopping basic maintenance. Honestly.. it makes no sense. I may be talking out of my butt, but PAP takes the money from STATE funds i.e. taxpayer’s money, to conduct upgrading and maintenance etc. right? So how come Aljunied is suddenly excluded from their basic entitlements as a Singapore citizen? Are “they” saying that PAP pays for such things out of their own exorbitant pay packets? (in which case their pay just might be justified – but obviously it isn’t so!). How come WP cannot gain access to the SAME state funds that the glorified PAP has access to? I need to be enlightened. Anyway, count me in for voluntary works! I grew up in that area and it pains me to think that that just because the residents crave change, they should be “punished” for it. You can contact me at @mijellybelly on twitter.

Anonymous said...

While I think it is a pity to see Aljunied in such a condition, I think Singaporeans should stop being so demanding on PAP. True, they are the ruling party and they are expected to do well. Yet, if we were to step back and not pick on each and every flaw, you have to admit that they have done a pretty darn good job in developing our country.

Furthermore, leaders are human too, they have their families to feed and their lives to lead. GY may have a passion to serve but he is no saint. In fact, I dont think anyone will regard themselves as one. Aljunied voted. Now, instead of blaming GY for not helping them out, shouldnt they be more concerned about how the workers' party are dealing with this situation?

The truth is, Singaporeans are sometimes biased against PAP. If these situations were to happen when PAP is in rule, will there be people who are willing to garner support to help your leaders? Or would you be blaming and scolding the government then? MM Lee words may come out as threats and unpleasant to many (me included) but if we investigate further into his true intentions and meaning, we have to give him a little credit that what he has 'warned' and 'threatened' might not be entirely false.

Dont get me wrong, Im not denying Low Thia Kiang's abilities. In fact, I appreciate the alternative vocies that pushes Spore's political system higher up. All I am saying is, before Singaporeans lashes out, perhaps we should be more objective and a little less harsh on our government.

Anonymous said...

I have been living in a PAP estate for all my life. Frankly speaking, the cleanliness at my estate (at least my block), is never cleaned. I have to email the Town Council, then they clean it. So to me, it makes no diff. I want to move to Aljunied!!!

Desmond Lim said...

Well, the vengeful gahmen has struck again. And a lot of people still believe the PAP "cares" for the country. Please, if they did, they wouldn't be putting use these types of basic needs as obstacles. All they really care about this power and money. The rest is just secondary.

I'm looking forward to the day when there is 50/50 representation in parliment, and hopefully, it would be the current batch of oppositions with PAP out of the way.

Nora said...

I live in Bedok Reservoir, in Aljuneid GRC. Everything is going on fine. Roads / streets are clean. Garbage are cleaned up regularly, sweepers are cleaning their jobs as per normal. And also, the rubbish bins are still where they are suppose to be. So I really do not understand where this is coming from. Maybe its just at the writer's estate?
Also, I do not care if its WP or PAP that is ruling us, we are to take reponsibilty of our estate's cleanliness.
erm, why are kids and elderly playing / walking on the grass anyways? there are pathways. there will always be litters. Lets teach our children not to pick them up k? and by the way, I thought cats do not eat grass? :)

eve+line said...

From a friend:

Aljunied TC has confirmed in phone convo w/ me tt NO svcs are meant to halt aft elections. if you see otherwise, call them directly.

just spoke to Lynn fr Aljunied TC. confirmed cleaning svcs still continuing. if residents hv any fdbk or complaints, pls call Aljunied TC (67441033) so they can deal w/ it directly w/ the contracted cleaners.

Anonymous said...

Is this all a little over the top? I take what I am reading with a healthy pinch of salt. Sure, LKY has said that, but he is an old man with no need to restrain his words. PM Lee has shown himself different and I doubt that PAP would make such a move ON PURPOSE to "punish" the residents?? It just doesn't make sense. What would it benefit them save to ruffle more anti-PAP feathers?

Rather, wouldn't the logical explanation be that since WP is taking over the area, it will now be up to the new team to determine such things as cleaning contracts, maintenance. Why is no one pointing a finger at WP's "inefficiency" to better things?

Because they are given the benefit of the doubt, something not extended to the ruling party.

I am not pro-PAP but I am pro-Singapore. And spreading such scandalous issues smacks of irresponsibility and doesn't help the issue at all?

Let's put our different stands and opinions behind us, my friends.

Anonymous said...

Pls include me

Anonymous said...

Follow up on my earlier comment - I saw the few comments just above mine. Both has said that the issues raised may not be accurate. Pls don't get all heckled up. Find out truth first.

I Love My Heartland said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

To Nora: cats do eat grass.
And regrading the kids on grass, seriously? Haven't you seen any kids playing or running on grass patches?

ND.Rue said...

Hi, I'm a resident in Hougang, residing under the Aljunied GRC's boundaries.

However, the situations highlighted have not appeared as such in my block and the neighbouring blocks from what I have noticed since Sunday.

Rubbish has been cleared, and the grounds are pretty void of rubbish right now.

Anyway, I voted for the Hammer, so yeah, don't misunderstand me as a white painter.

夜音飞过 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I live in bedok reservoir aljunied as well. everything is going on fine, cleaners and all. is it because we are under George Yeo who is more professional with the handover?

one might not say the same for worst loser lee bee hwa and cynthia phua, were u talking about their wards?

Anonymous said...

i think it's sad that MANY singaporeans are swayed just by what 1 person says.. and to think that the new geneeration has become more 'critical'.. i certainly do not think so.. my parents live in Aljunied GRC and they tell me everything i going on as per normal.. i think the bottom line is, singaporeans still have not reached a stage of 'thinking for themselves'.. we just accept what others say and believe..

Nora said...

@ Anonymous
You are right, children do play on grass patches but I suggest parents/ maids/ grandparents to keep a look out when they do as you know, dogs and cats normally take a dump on these spots. Most do not clean after their dogs, sadly. i do not let my nephew n niece play on grass patches because of this. and as for those cats, they eat grass when they have to right? to get rid of hairballs?(correct me if i'm wrong cos i do not have cats) so i think these cats would know how to differentiate between grass n rubbish??(correct me if i'm wrong cos i do not have cats) BUT overall what Im trying to put across is my estate, Bedok Reservoir is still as clean as it use to be. Happy to live here. :)

Eng said...

I live in Bedok Reservoir Road. So far the daily maintenance has been going on as usual. It's the same as before, not dirtier or cleaner.

eve+line said...

Reply from GM of Aljunied TC:

With reference to your query, please note that the Town Council is currently operating as normal with no disruption in services. As and when directed by the Council, we handover accordingly within the framework of the Town Council Act. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Singaporeans also havent reached the stage of critical thinking ABOUT themselves. Sometimes is it us who bring the trouble upon ourselves? IS it us who have demands that are too high? Is it us who are just never ever contented with the peace and prosperity we are enjoying?

p/s I am a singaporean, just in case you are wondering!

Anonymous said...

This is UTTER BULLSHIT and its defamatory. Everything is fine. the PAP is NOT making life "difficult". You need to stop writing such defamatory crap or there may really be legal consequences.

Lu said...

Why do we say that those who are pro-PAP do not think? I see the same thing happening here and in many online sites that are anti-PAP. Many pple do not read the anti-PAP rhetoric critically either. They just accept it at face-value, even though it is not true.
Many who r anti-PAP paint such a dirty picture of PAP that is false, but many choose to believe it becoz that is what they want to believe rather than it being true.
I do appeal to my fellow S'poreans to be pro-S'pore, n not divide our nation. It is not the govt that is diving the nation right now; it is all the anti-govt rhetoric that is doing so. Please let's move on, n let the WP do their job.
They have been voted to do it; let them prove themselves by doing it. Y r we doing it for them? If it were the PAP, would u even ask for volunteers to help out? No u wouldn't. It is just prejudice, and the danger is that this prejudice is threatening to split our nation.

Anonymous said...

I'm just hoping that what being written is not true.I'll wait and see.If it is true,many Singaporean I'm sure will help.But I seriously doupt that cause I believe PAP are smarter then that.To the writer,get in touch with TC and let the heat of the GE cool down.We will eventually find out if PAP really sabotaging Aljunied GRC.

Notorion said...

It is illegal for them to terminate the clearing of refuse and so on with effect of transition in power becos it is a PAID service just like electricity and water supply.

Gather the evidence and consider a breach of contract lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

i heard from some residents of aljunied tt the cleaners are still there, estate is clean as usual.. so what's the problem now?? I believe in reading from all sources b4 I jump into conclusion.. U have any photos to prove tt Aljunied is in a mess? =)

Anonymous said...

Dear all,
I stay in Aljunied GRC. This is not happening at all.

Workers are still cleaning the place as they usually do, wearing their Tshirts. Bins and notice boards are all there. I stay at the Serangoon Estate. Place is still as clean.

The writer should clarify where he is staying specifically.

rrrett said...

Why don't we start a cleaning committee and head over this weekend to help our friends their get back their clean estate? caring for citizens and the environment.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Anonymous said at 10.42am. Singaporeans should stop being so demanding on PAP, we've to admit that they have done good job in developing our Singapore.

At times, we need to think of the big picture when govt/PAP comes out with a new policy or decision. I'm not saying that they are always right but there are times when they have to think of the bigger picture.

I agree with the point "Singaporeans are sometimes biased against PAP. If these situations were to happen when PAP is in rule, will there be people who are willing to garner support to help your leaders? Or would you be blaming and scolding the government then?"

We should be more objective and a little less harsh on our government.

TA said...

wow, the writer really a complain queen. u expecting the former MPs to do yr work still? has arrogance already sitting on yr head so soon? start working n quit complaining. u r not the KING of aljunied but a SERVANT!

No shame, now the writer wants eveybody to do their work free-of-charge. btw, only the king has the mandate to do that...

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for reply from Mr TH Low.
Thank you for spending time to let Alujunians know what they can do to help.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans need to be more objective rather than complain all the time. We like to look at everything at face value and make a lot of noise, complain before even verifying if it is true. I have check with so many people staying at Aljunied GRC and everything is as per normal.

Joe Ng said...

Hi Dharmendra Yadav,

I feel your friend's piece needs verification, backed by pictures, time/date. The author did not state his/her name. When one takes a stance, it should be in his/her name, and not just a general "An Aljunied Resident". If not, the piece remains unsubstantiated and in fact, does discredit to the very belief and causes he/she so strongly stand by.

From my two friends living in the GRC, so far all remain normal with usual services in place. Unless your friend can back his/her claims, I feel the piece holds no ground. Btw I am a Workers' Party supporter and volunteer.

<*ANGEL*> said...

I "belong" to East Coast GRC and am just interested in volunteering my help if Aljunied and WP needs it.

I am good in typing quickly, writing letters (used to be a writer) and translation from english to chinese and chinese to english... both life and on paper... I also understand simple teochew and hokkien...

Pls contact me at if you have anything you might wish me to help.

Anonymous said...

live in aljunied.. no diff at all.. dun anyhow spoil WP/PAP name.. people wanna work for Singapore, you wanna just create trouble..

Anonymous said...

Count me in!

Anonymous said...

Please stop create conflict between our ppl, PAP & WP. I was at Aljunied GRC area just yesterday. Everything is normal not as what this fellow said.

Anonymous said...

The author does not need to reveal his identity. Just tell us the blocks that are not cleaned, notice boards removed etc. I would visit to verify the claim.

Anonymous said...

I was at a wake over the past 2 days. Did not notice any diff. In face, I saw the cleaners with my own eyes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment posted by annonymous at 10:42am. PAP is not god and people should start realising this and stop making such high expectations on them.

Anonymous said...

i'm from aljunied and i don't see anything changed. if you see something, take a picture and post it - a picture speaks a thousand words. what we have here now is your word vs what's really on the ground (which i don't observe to be happening!).

also, put what you see into context. the day after polling day is a Sunday. i don't recall seeing anyone sweeping the grounds on Sundays. and the day after that is Monday, which might be an off-in-lieu to many (including myself).

if this note isn't written by the blogger yourself, then i suggest verifying claims before making such posts. what's worse than making false claims is to propogate them!

ah文 said...


希望大家能冷静思考,别让有心人像牵牛一样被牵着鼻子走。情绪是容易被鼓动的,真理往往像阴蒂一样,总多在最阴暗深处,我们必须用心思考,拨云见日,才能找到阴蒂...i mean真谛...真理。



Anonymous said...

If you need volunteers, just say so or are you so anti-PAP to the extent that you have to create a false impression of what is actually going on. We do not think that we will be seeing any difference in standards even after the handover.

If Mr George Yeo can graciously accept defeat after serving the Aljunied residents as well as the nation for the past 23 years, I do not understand why some people cannot be gracious in victory. It seems like some people are losing their heads and their hearts too and using every opportunity to create resentment. How can we be united as a nation when we aren't even united as a grc?

I do not know how posting such misleading information online and on FB can make some people feel better. I can attest that Lorong Ah Soo is well taken care of. Dustbins are in place and in fact, I saw the garbage truck this morning since I wasn't working. Notice boards are still in place. I can provide photos if needed.

Anonymous said...

I am proud to be staying in Aljunied and voted for WP!!!
Tell us how can we sign up and volunteer our service to WP.

iwantmymummy said...

Kinda drama.
Wouldn't you be horrified if the child put a rock in her mouth too?
Ban rocks?

It's just the transition period. Things need to be sorted.

Singaporeans are not wimps. Man up.

Why don't you ask the new MPs of Aljunied?

Why blame the PAP when you voted them out?

Anonymous said...

In the same way that people judge the PAP's performance, we will also use the same yardstick to judge the WP's performance, in this case, Aljunied. Our expectations are the same and the baseline is the same. It is childish to resort to such lowly means in order to thrash the PAP at the expense of the Aljunied residents.

Anonymous said...

I am a Aljunied resident... I am so so sick of all the Political talks of accusing PAP or WP and vice versa. Some are super twisted facts that extremists are trying to make mountains out of mole hills... Bo leow. My Block is operating as normal and the rubbish cleared and the workers continue to be seen... Please stop such stupid threads, for heaven sake... I have too much of Politics in the past 2 weeks and give us a break... Thank you

Anonymous said...

IF YOU ARE MATURED, you should call the Town Council to feedback... so that the rubbish get cleared for you and your neighbour's benefit.

Anonymous said...

i'm in Kaki Bukit area which 20k of us were being redrawn to Aljunied GRC from Marine Parade GRC.. we are the furthest away from Aljunied GRC and an uncharted area for both sides during the election period...

i do noticed my area has "slightly" more rubbish than usual post polling day... *sigh* i really hope my area will not be forgotten... please help to make this message known during the MPS or to the Aljunied Town Council as my area is pratically out of touch to them...

Simon said...

I volunteered as Polling Agent for WP in Aljunied and I'm more than happy to in WP acitivites including Meet-The-People Session. My email is

Zhang Yaozhou said...

I am curious who is the service provider? Won't they be charged with delinquency?

Jason said...

Staying in Serangoon.. nothing changes. Rubbish was cleared. Town Council ppl still working, although i would think a lot of the tc employees would be out of job soon. Especially those road sweepers, cos almost all of them are Bangladeshi, & since WP is SO against foreign workers.
Let's see who gets to sweep the road in Aljunied GRC now on!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say about some of you complaining about the cleaners not doing their work etc... Please have deep thoughts. Who contributed to the rubbish and littering. Despite Govt trying to stop the littering, people continue to litter... sogh

Anonymous said...

If its true. I can only say aljunied ppl Derserved this. Ask urself this. Did u ever appreciate when PAP took care of ur town for u? Never. When WP came and use mind tactiics on u.. "george yeo can go for president post if he lost his ward.." "calling for a change to a first world parliament".. Be brave and courageous to vote, meaning those who vote PAP are cowards.. Have u ever thought carefully b4 voting? U wan change and PAP respect ur choice. Now aljunied belonged to WP and not PAP anymore. STOP whining and complaining. Where is ur backbone when u support WP and vote for them at the expenses of our kind foreign minister George Yeo?? Get ur new MP Low for help.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't mind giving a helping hand for the MPS sessions.

email me at:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"i'm in Kaki Bukit area which 20k of us were being redrawn to Aljunied GRC from Marine Parade GRC.. we are the furthest away from Aljunied GRC and an uncharted area for both sides during the election period...

i do noticed my area has "slightly" more rubbish than usual post polling day... *sigh* i really hope my area will not be forgotten... please help to make this message known during the MPS or to the Aljunied Town Council as my area is pratically out of touch to them... "

Dear Anonymous

Your area is still currently under Marine Parade Town Council. If you contact MPTC I am sure they will have your rubbish cleared pronto.

Anonymous said...

i think the writer needs to get his facts right as seen by the current condition of aljunied GRC.

initially I stood to generally believe his 1st post earlier on despite certain factual inaccuracies and fallacies in his arguments.

but with this, i'm starting to think the writer borders on self-delusional and is simply anti-PAP in nature. we all see what we want to see, and say what we want to. but with regards to such sensitive issues where you know your post has influential weight on others, i think it is only right for one to exercise judgement and ensure factual accuracies.

again moving forward, regardless of political parties, it would be good if everyone interested would volunteer in their constituency whether PAP or WP.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous who posted on 3:33 PM,

why did you not vote for British Government to still govern Singapore and voted for Independence for you are one of the older generations? Singapore is what it is today because of Sir Stamford Raffles as well. By voting for independence, does that mean you are 'ungrateful'?

Opposition did not imply that those who voted for PAP are cowards. Instead, there are people who voted for PAP out of fear (not all) which is why they said 'be brave and courageous'.

Please respect the decision of people and stop being egoistic and show sarcasm and criticism. Do you say 'One people, One nation, One Singapore'? Well, if you pledge loyalty not to your country considering the needs of ALL Singaporeans but to certain party, you are playing gangs within Singapore and where is 'One People'?

Having alternative voice in Parliament is good, it does not mean they are ungrateful. As consumers prefer competitive market over monopoly, they can also prevent no monopoly in parliament for the same reason. Do you know why people voted against PAP in the first place? One of the reasons is because of unfair practices. So, the more PAP does this, the more people will vote against them.

If one day you get slapped by people for your insensitive comments, I can also say you deserved it.

Anonymous said...

Look. Many of you residents in Aljunied have chose a team that has no experience and has no plan for the GRC. They only want to be an opposition voice for Singapore. On the other hand, there is a team that has concrete plans for the residents of Aljunied GRC and cares for the GRC.

Only few days after the polling result and you are making noise and trying to post twisted facts that the Town Council has stopped work and sacked the workers...
Please stop all this. It can only make the worker and staff demoralised... Politics aside... please let the Town Council staff (who are employees like you and I) do the work. Let them concentrate on making sure that the Estate is managed optimally for residents like us...

ah文 said...

we are a first world country.

on saturday we have a first world parliament.

by today, do we have first world citizen?

we love to believe lies that incite hatred and accusation without basis, we beg for more anti government sentiments, we lap them up with glee, we repost and retweet them, and then feel bitter as if the government owed us a living and feel sorry for our miserable life in this little first world country Singapore.

we throw our punches freely while hiding behind the anonymity of the web. cowards.

we fear the consequences of falling the incumbent, yet we try to incite the next person with hatred for the government. a miserable lot.

we hate the government, but couldn't answer to who can do a better job than the incumbent.

guess we are a long long way to becoming first world citizen.

Me? a third world citizen in a first world country.

Anonymous said...

You are a pathetic rumormonger, hiding behind anonymity disguising as the friend of this blogger. Why do you not post any photos as evidence and sign off with your name instead of just as "Aljunied Resident" (and btw there are five constituencies in Aljunied so whereabout are you?).

Anonymous said...

After reading this post, I drove around. I'm Bedok Reservoir but in the East Coast GRC. Things look normal to me.

Honestly, it makes absolutely no sense that there is no proper handover. I mean, even when a staff leaves in my company, we have proper handing over procedures so that live goes on.

But of course, if it is true, then PAP is just being way to petty.

Anonymous said...

What rubbish are spewing?? I live in hougang ave 1, lor ah soo. Everything is still clean and tidy. I just saw 2 blangas below my block clearing the rubbish at their usual time of 5pm.

Pls stop going around sprouting nonsense and rubbishing the WP. PAP is also not that petty to stop all services just because they have been voted out. PAP have already signaled their intentions to win back Aljunied in the next GE. Doing something this silly will just jeopardize their chances.

Louis Sim said...

i am a resident of this grc and i think that everything is the same.

anyway aljunied was never part of the top 10 cleanest district in singapore.

i really think it isnt fair for you to point the fault directly up to the PAP here.

should cleaniness of the estate be the responsibility of all its residents?

i mean if i am a cleaner or part of the group incharge of ensuring the cleaniness of the estate, that had clearly has chosen wp, how motivated should i be to ensure that the estate is clean? and with that should that be the responsibility of our WP party to make sure cleanliness is there.

i mean if this is the choice we have made, then we should go through WP leaders instead of comparing it to our previous grassroot leader, faulting them etc.

Anonymous said...

Just want to say that what you shared about the cleaning situation is the norm. Recently when my company suddenly terminated the cleaning contract, during the interim when there was no company to do the cleaning, the cleaners could not do any cleaning i.e. could not use the cleaning liquid, toilet paper, vacuum cleaner etc, of their previous employer. Hence my office had to buy all these to temporary manage the situation.

Would be better to be objective and not attribute everything the losing party.

Anonymous said...

As I have written earlier to state that there is no diruption in the cleaning services in Lorong Ah Soo. Other residents have also responded that everything is per normal in their estates too.

This is making me doubt the credibility of another post titled: "Aljunied Resident On His Vote Today". This is propaganda, isn't it? We should stop circulating this around so as to stop this person from achieving his objective. We, Aljunied residents have eyes to see for ourselves and do not continue to mislead others into thinking the situation is such when it is not.

Anonymous said...

I think its unfair to the PAP-led TC to brand them as punishers. I mean, come on. The last PAP team has been in this service for the past 10 yrs and everything was seen acceptable - clean environment... LUP, market upgrade...etc, etc.... i think rather than pin-pointing them now, its only gracious and humane to not blame them for the "dirt" u mentioned now, than to celebrate what they have done for us. Im not saying its perfect. but ask urself. You take a week to sweep and mop your flat's floor which is about 100sm. Aljunied's dimension is beyond your imagination. Imagine how much of effort woudl have been put in to draw up the present Aljunied district.

So, the least we can all do is thank the PAP team and wish WP best of luck for what more can be done to improve our place further.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your writing. who should i contact to volunteer my service?


Anonymous said...

super irresponsible article. I'm from Aljunied GRC - Life goes on as per normal. Even if something's wrong, it should be the current MPs who should be responsible. - Just a normal Aljunied Resident.

Anonymous said...

I believe the blog owner should update the post clarifying that the writers claims on the withdrawal of town council services are disputed by numerous readers (including WP supporters).

Not doing so would be irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

I hope ppl like the author shall be jailed for a better Singapore.
We don't need a citizen that try all means just to break up the lovely country we had.

z said...

Let's be more objective.
Firstly, I saw no such thing when I went around just now. May I know which part of aljunied GRC do you live in?
Secondly, is this the first time you have noticed that the rubbish wasn't cleared? Let me get this right. It is our duty to keep the environment around us clean. People do not throw rubbish on the floor and demand cleaners to sweep for us.
Thirdly, the 45 days handover doesn't mean PAP only hands over on the 45th day. If they are efficient, why can't they move out fast? They might need the stuff for poring pasir too.
Lastly, let's quit all these petty talks. If you want to garner help, do it the proper way. Just ask, and don't put down pap as if they hadn't done anything.
Anyway, it's as poor a write-up as I have read.

Anonymous said...

This seems to be a wild allegation that aims to garner volunteers to champion what seems to be anti-PAP movement on the ground..

May i quote what is posted- "Suddenly, everything WAS MADE TO STOP WORKING." This is simply to myopic and shallow.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? Isn't Aljunied Town Council been taken control by WP?




Pls post responsibly and do not try to stoke up emotions and mislead pple, if not pls make your post private to your own friends.

Singapore Citizen

Anonymous said...

how can you say that the PAP is threatening the people? why are there so many citizens that hate the PAP? have you guys forgotten what the PAP has done for us in the past? dont be ungrateful! Singapore is where She is today because of our government, a government that many other countries envy us for. i worry for Singapore in the future, when more citizens vote for the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I don't believe the article about the cleanliness issue. Nothing of the sort is happening as far as I can see, and mind you, I do travel a lot around the area in my work. So, pardon me for being skeptical here - I'm not trying to side with anyone here, but I feel the election is over, so please stop stirring emotions by telling stories. Thank you very much.

that guy tuck said...

I'm here. I can write, type and provide any form of admin or even logistics support (delivery, cleaning, etc).

let me know how I can help.


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the WP be doing something about this then? It's their area now, why should the PAP be doing anything? As someone else previously said, the election is over. Move on.

13 said...

NOTHING has changed here, stop your stupid fear mongering and leave citizens double guessing one political party or the other. If you really think everything has suddenly changed, please say where you live, or better yet, post pictures to prove your point.

And seriously, people should check out the facts before believing anything you read!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, way to go in defaming PAP. Seriously, you PAP haters will never ever quit it. This sounds extremely ridiculous right from the start. The government/PAP isn't as childish and petty as you civilians are. Do you think they have the time to do all these rubbish? Do you really think they would wanna give themselves a reputation far worst than what it already is? Common sense, really.

Anonymous said...

To all those people who are volunteering and openly posting their email addresses, don't you think that this may very well be a scam to collect your contact information? Don't be surprised if you find your email inboxes filled with spam in a day or two.

Anonymous said...

Dude pls don't be so freaking childish and blame every single thing on PAP la for god sake! You guys voted for WP so why is it PAP's problem to see whether your estate is clean anot freaking ask your first world parliament ppl to take care of it la.
the PAP needs to pass things over to WP and I read somewhere tht it's WP who terminate the cleaning services as they want to change agency.
You say PAP is petty looks like you're even more petty.

Anonymous said...

please put some photos to tell us what you said is true.

Anonymous said...

This is fucking ridiculous lol. Evidence before you post anything tyvm.
I, myself, live in Serangoon, but nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please get your facts right--whether it's PAP which is petty, or WP who has not gotten their ass moving.

Btw, dun expect everyone else to thank you for voting WP in. People wun express their gratitude if things goes well. However, they will definitely express their anger if things go wrong.

Dharmendra Yadav said...

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