Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Send message to leaders of Holland-Bukit Timah GRC

I attended the inaugural Pink Dot because, among other fundamental rights, I believe in the right to life, which to me includes the right to live a life without fear. To me, this is more important than keeping or repealing controversial legislation. I didn’t attend it subsequently because I felt I had no further value to add by attending the event.

This year, I will make it a point to attend Pink Dot because a message must be sent to some of our leaders, in particular the freshly elected leaders of Holland-Bukit Timah GRC.

I was very ashamed to know that a fellow lawyer, in the pursuit of political office, attempted to politicise the issue of what one is and to use that as a tactic to cast doubts on a person’s ability to act in the interests of our country. I wrote to the lawyer, and I have neither received an acknowledgement nor a reply.

Like many other Singaporeans I know, I was sad that this team was eventually elected into political office. Nevertheless, it is the will of the electorate. As an adherent of the rule of law, I must respect that decision.

However, I think it is important to underscore to such leaders that, despite their election to political office, what they did still remains wrong.

We live in a gracious, inclusive society. We want legislators that get elected into Parliament on the basis of the policies they stand for. We want a state of play that is respectful and fair, no matter who stands on the opposite end of the spectrum. Smear campaigns should not be tolerated. They should not divide or even attempt to divide our society more than it is already.

Indeed, a message must be sent to our political leadership to impress upon them that what a person is should not be an impediment to his or her ability to serve in our country.

If you stand for these same values, mark your calendars and come make Pink Dot with me on 18 June 2011 at the Speakers’ Corner.

Dharmendra Yadav

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