Thursday, April 19, 2007

Using Public Transport

Last year, a friend approached me about whether or not he should by a new car simply to commute from work to home and back.

Some weeks back, my sister complained that I should get a car. She tried to argue that taking public transport didn't befit me as a young professional. (Of course, it was only later I realised her ulterior motive was to make me purchase a car, which she would use!)

Another friend also told me how half his salary goes towards paying for a hire purchase loan and maintenance of his car.

All these individuals live in a city where the public transport system enables a person to get from one place to another fairly easily and where it can be quite expensive to keep a private vehicle.

It is really not necessary to drive a car in a city unless you:
a. are in a role which requires you to travel a lot from one place to another within a short period of time; or
b. have a big family to drive around; or
c. live or work in an area where a public transport system is as good as inexistent; or
d. have medical reasons or other special circumstances.

Driving a private vehicle can be a sheer waste of one's funds, which can be put to better use elsewhere. Plus, a private vehicle only adds to the pollution which one already finds in the city.

I take the public transport - bus or train - daily. When I am late or need to get to a place quickly, I take a taxi. I find myself saving money, which I can put to use in other aspects of my life.

Spend wisely. Be environment friendly. Use public transport.

Dharmendra Yadav

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