Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Marrying Offshore

At the outset, let me emphasise that I am no expert on weddings and remain happily single.

But I do know from the experience of loved ones that weddings can be most expensive affairs. Some couples are well in debt even before they settle into their matrimonial homes.

As a result, more people today are looking at ways to have lovely weddings without over-stretching their bank accounts or credit limits.

About two years ago, a friend opted to have a simple tea ceremony. Then, his partner and him had a lunch at a restaurant with immediate family members and close relatives.

Not only did he save money, he was able to put the money he received through this simple affair to better use in his honeymoon and new home.

Many years ago, an ex-colleague got married in Las Vegas.

It was a unique wedding. His fiance and him would turn up at the place of worship at a specified time, with two witnesses - their best friends.

Guests were invited to visit a website to watch the wedding. At the point of signing into the website, guests would be prompted to contribute a cash gift to the newly-weds using a credit card and sign the guest book.

Once this was done, they would be able to view the wedding "live".

Guests who did not make it at the specified time would instead be shown a recording of the wedding.

When the wedding ended, guests would receive a gift, if the couple had chosen to give their guests a present to thank them for "attending" the wedding.

It was a hassle-free wedding for the guests, who did not have to quibble too much about what to wear at the wedding and set aside some four or five hours just to attend a wedding.

In fact, the wedding was over in about an hour.

In addition, guests did not even have to be punctual at the wedding!

The couple also did not end up drained financially, physically and mentally, and they went straight for their honeymoon!

Another ex-colleague got married in East Europe. It was a very informal affair. And the couple took their self-paying good friends and immediate family with them.

The couple were pleased that those who came back from the wedding had positive things to say about their wedding, and even to this day talk about it.

At the end of the day, it is important for your partner and you to realise that it's your wedding.

You can afford to be a little selfish about it and have a sense of ownership over it.

Have a wedding that you really want, make it a source of strength in your relationship and think beyond the wedding day!

Dharmendra Yadav

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