Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Trust Those You Love

Trust is a very important ingredient of a happy relationship.

I know of someone whose partner wants to know his every movement.

His partner also demands to read the messages he receives on his mobile phone or as part of his personal mail. The partner further dictates that he not keep in touch with his ex-partners.

The partner is often instigated by negative friends to be more questioning of what he does and suspicious of his intentions. The partner has even gone to the extent of doing regular checks to verify his whereabouts and his intentions.

This is really an unfortunate state of affairs.

I have told this person to really reflect about the value of this relationship and to decide if he really wants to be in such a relationship.

But, of course, running away from a relationship is often not an easy solution and there are some relationships that we just cannot run away from.

For example, one between a suspecting parent and a child. I know of someone who often makes negative remarks about her child. As a result, the child often runs away from home to the sanctuary of his grandparent.

I don't think these are positive ways to conduct our relationships; they are full of insecurities.

We can trust those we love to do the right thing. If they get it wrong, it's okay. Let's forgive and help them to learn from it and move on.

And may you be blessed with the power of love on this Saint Valentine's Day!

Dharmendra Yadav

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Anonymous said...

fyi, according to margaret atwood, valentine's day has a alot more to do with the dead and the underworld than anything else.