Sunday, February 04, 2007

Redefining How Time Is Told

Until recently, there were only two ways watches displayed time: analog or digital.

This weekend, I learnt about a new way from the Financial Times magazine, How To Spend It.

One patented German innovation, NEOLOG, is attempting to redefine the way one tells time. According to its website, the watch "no longer displays time by hands or numbers".

Instead, "time is shown as what it is - quantity". The time is divided "into intelligible units: hours, units of ten minutes, and units of one minutes which are arranged in vertical blocks".

And so the time now is...

Several press commentaries have lauded this innovation. One commentator notes, "This sleek way of displaying time makes the watch as much as a fashion statement as a convenient and effective way of telling time."

A serious collector of watches is likely to find the price of 200 Euros affordable. It is also a dear and unique present for those you really love!

Unfortunately, for now, one can only buy the watch online.

Meanwhile, anyone wants to buy me a present this year?

Dharmendra Yadav

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Nasir said...

Fashion is weird sometimes. I rather have a digital watch which i can read straight away instead of counting bars. Style comes at a "price" i guess.