Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My President, My Voice

The Workers’ Party yesterday released a statement about how their constituents are being disadvantaged by shameful politicking.

What is the President of Singapore – who is above politics; who was deemed elected by the whole electorate; who is supposed to be the balance of power – doing about it?

He has been absolutely silent. No surprise there because apparently he cannot act, except with the advice of the ruling party.

Is this the kind of confidence the presidency is meant to espouse?

Is this the kind of caged presidency we wish for Singapore to have for the next 6 years?

I was supposed to be out of this country on 27 August 2011 but I decided to postpone this trip to exercise the only opportunity I may have for the next 5 years to pre-empt such state of affairs.

On 27 August 2011, I will be voting for a President, who is not going to sit around in the Istana and watch such unfair treatment of its citizens take place idly.

I will be voting for a President, who will be the balance of power that I would like the President to be.

I will be voting for a President, who can be a voice of the people.

I will be voting for a President, who will be worth every dollar of the over S$4 million the Singaporean coffers pay him annually.

I will be voting for a President, whose office I would like to see established rather than the office that the ruling party would like to see exist.

That is my right as a citizen of Singapore because I have just about had it with twelve years of a stupendously silent presidency.

The constitution cannot be above the will of the electorate.
The electorate can ensure that the constitution continues to reflect its hopes and aspirations.

Majulah Singapura!

Dharmendra Yadav

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Cynical Investor said...

I juz hope that that candidate you will vote for is not yr heloo TKL.

Turning up at a memorial service in his campaign tee shirt is no way for a wannabe president to behave.

Turn up for LKY's funeral in singlet, shorts and slippers?

Singaporean said...

"This PAP government is a strong government, it has got a formidable machinery, and you cannot expect someone meek to stand up to this government ... you must have someone Strong and Passionate ..."

Tan Jee Say for prez.

so1trg said...

Am sure many will spat at the name of LKY not to mention TT. Anyway TT sounds like TT Durai ... another corrupt ***ker

Anonymous said...

"What is the President of Singapore – who is above politics; who was deemed elected by the whole electorate; who is supposed to be the balance of power – doing about it?"

Too busy cooking curry to show his solidarity with true blue Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

What is so wrong about banning WP from booking the spots? Please remember that PAP is the ruling party. Without PAP, we are nothing. I’d vote for Tan Cheng Bock if Tony Tan hadn’t joined the race, because both are the PAP stalwarts who really championed and appreciate PAP policies for the greater good of Singapore.

Teo said...

you've written an eloquent article, full of passion for our nation.

do the last bit and just announce your vote to Tan Jee Say. it's written all over the wall in your manuscript, but i like you to plug up the courage and voice it out.

my vote will go to Jee Say, an EP whom i believe will not sit idly by when social and political injustices are done unto us.

Anonymous said...

It is very important that we the electorate should vote for one of the Tan who will convey hope to the nation and restore the Presidency to one which is by the people, for the people, to the people

Its ME said...

Have you heard that Tony Tan is running for President? / So is Tan Cheng Bock / And also Tan Kin Lian /Now is Tan Jee Say/ Finally it's four men running/ Four men running for President / Come the President race/ (CHORUS:So how can you tell me you're lonely?/And say for you that the sun don't shine/ Let me take you by the hand/ And lead you through the streets of Singapore /Come the President election/ You'll have to make up your mind./ Lai, lai, lai, lai. Lai, lai, lai, lai, {meaning "come" in Mandarin)/Welcome new President on the 27th of August) / Who you think will win/ Out of the four men running?/ One is a politician/ The other, MP (Member of Parliament)/ One is from insurance/ Finally, one is an investor/You will make up your mind on the 27th of August/(CHORUS)/(CHORUS/You'll have to cast your votes/ Lai, lai, lai, President/ New, new, President/ Welcome new President for the Singapore.Say yes to TKL

Anonymous said...

In the 4-candidates fora organised by the various media agencies, noticed the body language and gestures of TKL. There is no 'power', he sounded very apologetic after each point, showed clear signs of fear for Tony Tan. Very shallow, I fear for him to be my president. I respect Tan Cheng Bock, truly, but he is not the type of president I want.

As with Teo, my vote is for Tan Jee Say.


so1trg said...

Anon 7:36pm. Saw your comment in another blog. Caught ya you silly PApies ...

Cynical Investor said...

You and other TKL groupies caused TCB to lose elecxtion.

But then TCB was an arrogant prick for refusing to meet TKL.

TKL's egoism, the fanaticism of -eople like you and the arrogant stupidity of TCB gave TT an undeserved victory.