Thursday, August 25, 2011

My President, His Daughter

And you wonder how they missed her for Tin Pei Ling?

I hope she runs for Parliament in 2016 and give voters like me a chance to let her be our voice.

After all that she has said, I don't have to give you any more additional reasons about why I am voting for her father.

As a Singaporean, I wholly agree with her. When you vote this Saturday, make your voice count.

Dharmendra Yadav

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Cynical Investor said...

I don't think his family is rich enough to afford another loss in deposit )))))

Anonymous said...

If your own daughter doesnt even vote for you, what does that say ??

Everyone was wondering where TKL's son was all this time.

Cynical Investor said...

Well 5% didn't make their votes count. They must be ashamed of themselves for letting PAP Tony win.

Cynical Investor said...

Thinking of which, I assume you too ashamed to blog given PE results? ))))))

Gone AWOL, juz like Voice of the People adviser Goh Meng Seng?