Sunday, January 20, 2008

Plans & Surprises

The past week has been full of surprises for me.

It was thus very timely, towards the week’s end, that I watched a film that taught or reminded me of a very powerful lesson – “plan to be surprised”!

We spend a good part of our lives living the plans that we plan for ourselves or others – such as the state or our employers – plan for us.

But, in living these planned lives, we forget that surprises are very much a part of living and, generally, we don’t appear to be ready for them when they come.

Perhaps, it has to do with our inherent resistance to change and the fact that surprises just feed off that insecurity.

Surprises do have the potential to be so much fun!

A friend’s wife has a tradition of throwing surprise parties for his loved ones and him; so much so he now actually “plans to be surprised”.

Think also of the times when a loved one got you a surprise gift or when you achieved something you really did not expect to.

As importantly, we should also plan to surprise.

Over the years – I believe owing partly to my busy work schedule – I have developed a habit of being random with loved ones and surprising them.

Recently, I put together a list of positive things that I used to do and that I really missed.

One of the items on the list was a regular Saturday lunch I used to have with a friend from college. I then decided to surprise her, and start doing so again.

We had a fantastic lunch yesterday. Yes, plan to surprise and be surprised.

Dharmendra Yadav

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