Sunday, June 12, 2011

More on George Yeo and his band of Youths


I was asked more about George's appeal to youths and his presidential bid. The article was published today.

As a young professional in my early 30s, I have no issue with George and the work he is doing with youths. Those of a generation before me have concerns. What about the older generation? What about people from his generation? What is he going to do for them?

The point I want to make really is this. Is he just relying on a youth-centred campaign? There are other channels if he just wants to be the voice of young people. The presidency should be all-inclusive.

I think some analysis should be done into what is drawing these young people to George.

Post his loss in Aljunied, the media has gone into full swing and used pages and pages to portray George Yeo as a war-hero of sorts. You want a comparison to American politics or Obama 2008. There you have it. The media has made George a living martyr!

My generation and more so the generation after me, those under 30s, are a very emotive bunch. You give us a good cause and we will rally around it.

George is a politician and it is only natural for him to be relying on this wave of sympathy and to convert it into his new support base. George knows he needs the office of the President to continue his diplomatic work. I will not be surprised if he comes back and announces his bid.

I will also not be surprised when he discloses that the Prime Minister and the National Trades Union Congress, which the President traditionally depends on, endorse George as a candidate or have given George their blessings to run.

Dharmendra Yadav

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