Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Interview on George Yeo & his band of youths



I'm actually writing a story on the "youth" energy behind George Yeo's campaign for the Presidency. I saw your blog post on your concern that not one of his supporters who went to pick up forms for him were "of a passing generation".

Actually, the impression some are getting from his campaign so far is that it seems quite "Obama 2008" - being pushed by energetic youth who are inspired by the candidate. I wonder if you have the same impression? And would it be possible to elaborate on why you and your friends have reservations that it's too much of a youth-centred campaign?

I believe the thinking is that the youth are the ones whom the People's Action Party (PAP) has found the hardest to reach in the traditional ways, whereas the older generations who have known George Yeo as a Minister for two decades can be counted on to support him - so why not leverage on George Yeo's ability to mobilise them?


We are talking about the President here, a dignified office that traditionally represents all Singaporeans. (emphasis added)

The comparison to Obama 2008 is at best an unfair one because, except for certain limited powers, the President's role here is largely ceremonial.

Plus, the outreach of the PAP is clearly a partisan matter that has nothing to do with the President.

If the purpose of George is to mobilise the energy of youths in support of the government, which the PAP has now formed, he should seek appointment as Chairman of the National Youth Council.

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Given his youth-centred platform, would you be happy if George Yeo sought appointment as Chairman of the National Youth Council?

Dharmendra Yadav

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