Monday, March 21, 2011

Reader's Question: Singapore Foreign Lawyer Examination

I now receive queries not just from potential law students but also current ones. Here is one I recently received.


I am a final year LLB student from India. I am interested as to what are the means in which I can work in Singapore and take up the newly introduced 'Foreign Practitioner Examination' (FPE).


The FPE will be administered by the Singapore Institute of Legal Education. Details are currently being finalised.

The Minister for Law did provide some insights into this when he addressed the Singapore Legislature recently.

Some of the points he touched on may affect you:
a. Qualify in a foreign jurisdiction.
b. Gain some useful and substantive experience in that jurisdiction.
c. Be employed by or hold a job offer from a firm in Singapore.

If you pass, you will only be allowed to practise in a specific area (excluding litigation and certain domestic areas of law).

In essence, focus on becoming a good lawyer in India, and Singapore will open its doors for you.

For example, more Indian companies are looking east towards public listing in Singapore. That is an area of corporate law you may wish to consider.

Alternatively, consider doing a Master's qualification in law in either National University of Singapore or Singapore Management University. After you complete the course, you can apply to work in a local law firm (as a legal executive) or in an in-house legal department (which invites applications from fresh graduates).

Dharmendra Yadav

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