Thursday, March 24, 2011

Give me a choice, ST


I have been a reader of The Straits Times for as long as I can sanely remember – a critical reader, if I may add. I am generally pleased with the quality of issues you cover.

But in recent weeks, I have found that your coverage of Singapore issues focuses too much on the political climate here, in particular on the People’s Action Party. I also cannot help but find your reports less than objective. (For completeness, I should disclose I support my constituency’s current Member of Parliament, who is from the PAP.)

I appreciate that the General Elections are around the corner and this is an issue of public interest. I also accept that you have a clear editorial policy which endorses the PAP “as the best choice for Singapore” in an election. As such, it is inevitable you feel a profound sense of duty in going into overdrive mode to justify your endorsement.

Nevertheless, as I much as I respect your choice and defend your prerogative to do so, I would request that you give subscribers like me an option to either:
a. Receive your newspapers without the Singapore political news sections until the day falling 7 days after Polling Day; or
b. Suspend our subscription to your newspapers from now until the day falling 7 days after Polling Day.

I hope you can be fair in your dealings with your consumers. Give consumers like me a choice to opt out of your Singapore political news coverage temporarily.

Dharmendra Yadav

Please consider the environment. Do you really need to print this?

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