Sunday, January 03, 2010

Visit The Doctor

Many people I know are resistant to consult doctors. Many of my loved ones join this list.

They end up going to work ill. They end up ailing at home and worrying those around them.

It is not that they cannot afford it.

They just prefer to self-medicate. To them, it is just a small problem.

Come what may, they just refuse to see the doctor.

A lot of times, that small problem ends up being passed on to others. It also turns out to be a prelude to other problems.

I am often accused of being a nag, when I insist they visit the doctor, or even of not treating grown-ups like they should be.

I end up doing all sorts of things to cajole them to do so. For example, I will threaten to call the ambulance if they don't do so.

I appreciate that sometimes these things can be irritating and the good intentions can sometimes back-fire.

The point at the end of the day really is this: please seek professional medical advice early if you are ill.

Dharmendra Yadav

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