Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cane Irresponsible Employers of Foreign Workers



Part I

Part II


1. Some years ago, the leading broadsheet of Singapore dedicated a whole section to foreign workers who had prospered in Singapore and returned to their respective countries to build beautiful homes and families. That story, as these documentaries show, has now changed.

2. What is even more shocking is the regulator's reaction to such mistreatment of foreign workers. The documentaries portray them as a manipulated eunuch. They come across as powerless. They appear to have failed to discharge their duty as guardians of these workers. They seem unsuccessful in protecting Singapore's reputation as a responsible state.

3. An example should be made of irresponsible employers, who allegedly lace their pockets with the debts of these foreign workers and put to risk hundreds or thousands of lives beyond the shores of Singapore.

4. Singapore was quick to introduce corporal punishment to stem the inflow of illegal immigrants into Singapore. The government says it has worked. Perhaps, employers who irresponsibly bring into Singapore workers but have no jobs for them should be treated the same.

Dharmendra Yadav

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