Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sexist Developments

I get really hilarious stuff in my mailbox from time to time.

Two days ago, I got this from a male:

Within the next two hours, I got this from a female:

As much as the two e-mails were not part of the same chain of communication and their original sources remain unverified, I just thought the irony of the whole situation was worth capturing.

In defence of our own sexes, indeed.

Dharmendra Yadav

Please consider the environment - do you really need to print this?


Anonymous said...

A defence for the sexes?

Both the emails, are pretty degrading for the woman.

Notice how though the second one may have seen more empowering for the woman, it still places her in the role of wife, lover, cook, cleaner. Only difference with the first one is, she won't stand for shit.

Anything written about a woman either puts her is the role of a sweet little servant/thing or a total menace. Like for example the last line of the second poster " So if you give her crap, be ready to receive a ton of crap."

The tradtional role of a woman hasn't changed, society doesn't like change. She's still expected to cook eventhough she's also now sharing the equal burden of running the finances in and around the home. She's still expected to ensure the maid sorts things out around the house, she's still expected to ensure the children are well-behaved and have a quality education, even though she just like the man spends much of her day at work, dealing with the various demands.

Before you decide to give me the line "woman can multi-task" let me brush that off for you. She's a human being not a computer.

Anonymous said...

i just feel women should be barefooted, pregnant and in the who's with me for a beer.....!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd join you for the beer, and yes i agree women should be barefooted, pregnant and in the kitchen, doing the following;

1) Getting her feet massaged by the husband-- hence barefooted.
2)Gorging on a delicious meal cooked by the husband-hence barefooted.
3)Pregnant-- to remind the husband how he much he needs her to put his sperms to full use.

Still up for the beer? Maybe a little Mohito. :)

Anonymous said...

Screwball don't you know what wife stands for?