Saturday, October 04, 2008

MICA Reply: Banned JBJ Film

Some days ago, I sent a request to the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA), Media Development Authority (MDA) and Ngee Ann Polytechnic to release and screen a banned JBJ film. This is MICA's response and my follow-up.


Thank you for your feedback addressed to PS [Permanent Secretary] MICA.

In his National Day Rally speech, the Prime Minister has set the direction for reviewing our current laws on party political films. The Government accepts that our policies must evolve to remain relevant in the current media landscape. It is no longer realistic to disallow all forms of party political films.

In line with this direction, the Films Act is currently being reviewed. The amendments have to be passed by Parliament and the amendments are likely to be tabled early next year.

K Bhavani
Press Secretary To Minister and
Director, Corporate Communications Department


Thank you...

Your reply only addresses one aspect of my query. From your reply, I gather that you are trying to impress upon me that a politician's death does not make a film non-political. Thus, if and when the amendments are passed by Parliament, the banned film about the late J B Jeyaratnam can be released and screened. Correct?

There was one other aspect to my query. Would Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Media Development Authority be willing and able to produce a more comprehensive documentary about the late J B Jeyaratnam?

If Ngee Ann Polytechnic does not wish to undertake this public service, can other film-makers apply for funding from Media Development Authority to make films about the late J B Jeyaratnam? What is the likelihood of MDA approving such a funding request? And how can one increase one's chances of having a funding request for a film about the late J B Jeyaratnam approved?

Dharmendra Yadav

Please consider the environment - do you really need to print this?


Anonymous said...

Dear Dhamendra Yadav;

I can see that You are pressing on.

Wish You success!

Yours Sincerely: patriot

Anonymous said...

i can't believe that you would want to consider asking for funds from MDA (or any other public resources) to make a film about JBJ!? how would you gain 'independence' from something like that?

And questions like these:

"What is the likelihood of MDA approving such a funding request? And how can one increase one's chances of having a funding request for a film about the late J B Jeyaratnam approved?"

pointed to the authorities, are very oxy-moronic! Relaxation of rules does not mean 'unconditional support'. Ask anyone who are active players in any branch of the arts here in Singapore and they will (or will not) tell you the true picture on funding, permits, licenses, censorship and the works.

Don't get me wrong. I am not a fan of PAP but you got to use smarter strategies to deal with matters like this bro...

Anonymous said...

Agree very much with the Second Commenter with regards the Funding Request. But no harm trying.


Anonymous said...

I have seen many documentaries on CNA about PAP and MM Lee. These not counted as political films ??

If the law can be anyhow interpreted by those in power, what is the point of having laws to govern ??

Anonymous said...

Haha, your funding request will succeed when you look at the night sky and can see a blue moon.

Here in Hougang, LTK asked for the funds highlighted by GCT immediately after the 2006 election and was flatly turned down. Now in a turnaround Eric Low is accusing LTK of not asking for the money for upgrading Hougang. He thinks we have short memories.

kelly said...

My dear! MDA only censor censor censor, grade grade grade films and videos. They do not help with funding of films or else they will get very busy helping people fund for book productions as well. There is NO LIKELIHOOD of such funding ever.

Easier to get funding from EDB (Economic Development Board) or bank even. ARE your lecturers guiding you in the right directions?

It's also more likely for a social entrepreneur to fund such a film. Private corporations may be interested to FUND in return for some ads in the film. That's all I can tell you.

I am glad you shared your experience in all this. Because we learn from everything and anything that aren't going smoothly.