Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Journeying with strangers


A new friend recently reminded about an article I had written some time ago. She said it made an impression on her.

The interesting thing is that it's been some time since I wrote that article and it remains very relevant.

I continue to meet interesting people on the train.

For example, early this year, I met a retired engineer on the train. We see each other regularly. I still don't know his name. We have good conversations. He tells me about the places he has travelled to with his family. He tells me about his son who lives and works overseas. And he provides interesting perspectives on issues of the day.

These experiences have made some of my train journeys seem shorter but more meaningful.

Dharmendra Yadav

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Anonymous said...

wah! I'm flattered... except my name is Georgina.heh. ok la, its all good.

Yeah, it was one of those articles that made me smile the whole day (cuz apparently i'm a lil' wacky like ya.) Thanks a lot for that & i'm glad to finally meet the enlightened author :))

(: 2002 memories :)