Monday, November 06, 2006

Law Society Publishes David Marshall Interview

The Law Society of Singapore has published, with minor editing, the interview with David Marshall in its November 2006 issue of the Singapore Law Gazette.

Law Society President, Philip Jeyaretnam, makes an excellent introduction to the interview in his President's Message for November, Marshalling The Future.

I wish to thank the Law Society for kindly agreeing to publish a link to this blog and allowing me to request donations for Saint Andrew's Junior College.

Readers interested in some background about this interview may wish to read these frequently-asked questions.

There have been three other developments, which I believe will be of interest to readers.

The Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, has commissioned a biography of David Marshall, which I understand will be written by a former law professor.

I had also shared earlier that this interview was completed with two others as part of a college assignment. I recently learnt that one of them also studied law and was admitted to the Singapore Bar on 24 May 2003. Unfortunately, he no longer practises in Singapore.

One of my schoolmates then, who was meant to do this interview, was unable to make it for the interview. That fortunately didn't stop her from reading this full interview at that time, since she too was with the college newsletter. After leaving college, she went on to study law. Today, she works as corporate counsel for a prominent statutory body in Singapore.

There you have it, a fantastic objective outcome: one interview made at least three legal professionals.

Dharmendra Yadav

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