Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Reader's Question: Can I Share Your Blog?


Hi, I stumbled upon your blog by chance. I am impressed by the content and style of writing, as well as the purpose (the way you sign off says it all) of your entries. Gushing aside, I would like to request your permission in allowing me to share your blog addresses with my friends. (21-year-olds have much to learn!) I believe they would benefit much from the knowledge that you share on your site, as well as learning about being happy. May I spread the word? - Joy =)


Yes, Joy, Think Happiness can certainly be shared! You and any other reader have my permission to share the blog address.


At first, I was somewhat perturbed by this question. But I remembered that it is normal for some terms of use on certain websites to say you are not allowed to link to that particular website without prior consent from the website owner / publisher. I also realised that this blog is silent on such a position; there is no express permission or prohibition. Perhaps, the reader was in doubt and wished to clarify her rights of use. Hence, an express permission is now given to all readers, thanks to Joy!

Dharmendra Yadav


Mohd Hisham said...


I did a copy of parts of your blog & credit it back to you in my blog.

I hope you are ok with this as I have waited for quite sometime for your reply on the original post.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! And it wasn't only about the issue of permission - your profile indicates that this is a personal blog. -Joy =)

Mohd Hisham said...

uh yea .. im not used to separating the different facets of my life.

you're right though, its still very much a personal blog to me. :)