Saturday, August 19, 2006

Letter: Committee To Review Legal Services Sector


I congratulate the Ministry of Law for appointing a committee to comprehensively review the legal services sector and make recommendations to make Singapore more attractive as a legal services international hub.

The committee comprises members of the judiciary, representatives from government and lawyers drawn from some law firms in Singapore.

I wish to suggest that the Ministry of Law consider adding the following groups of persons to the committee:
1. Academics who teach law
2. Corporate counsel
3. Law professionals who have left the profession to pursue other roles or have been promoted to management positions

Their addition will complement the composition of the Third Committee on the Supply of Lawyers. Plus, they are likely bring to their own unique ideas to make the sector vibrant and competitive.

After all, some of them are important constituencies in the legal services sector and having them on this main committee may underscore this importance.

I hope the Ministry of Law will consider taking up this idea.

Dharmendra Yadav

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Shivani said...

Have you also mailed the above letter to the Ministry of Law?