Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What You Can Become Matters

Today, a cousin told me how she is regretting some of the decisions she has made previously. She said that this was not the first time she was regretting such decisions. She plays these decisions in her mind regularly. And at the end of it, she sighs, "If only..."

What a regretful way to live life, isn't it? It's like waking up daily and having someone throw a pot of boiling water at you. With each passing day, the pain gets worse and worse.

We make decisions all the time. We are not always right, and it is quite foreseeable that we will take some unfortunate turns in life. But these wrong decisions are not something to fret about.

We should make the most of the destinations, where our turns lead us. When we do so, it means we are learning and growing as a person. Each journey to new and unknown places will bring us equally refreshing lessons. These lessons help us evolve as persons or perhaps even as a society.

A leader of my country once inspiringly said, "For life to have emerged from matter, matter must have had the potential for life. And for consciousness to have emerged from life, life must have had the potential for consciousness. And for human ideals to have emerged from consciousness, consciousness must have had the potential for those ideals. We wouldn’t dream unless those dreams are capable of fulfillment. It is not what you are that matters; it is what you can become. That process never ends."

Let's live the present to savour the happiness and warmth of today and the potential of tomorrow, rather than the cold, dark regrets of the past.

Dharmendra Yadav

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