Thursday, February 16, 2006

Growing Up Again

We spend a good part of our lives growing up. And before we know it, in the eyes of the world, we are "grown up" and it's time for us to help others do the same. It can be refreshing to go back and spend some time with those who grew up with us.

I did just that today. I met two groups of friends who grew up with me. And with both groups, much good news was shared and celebrated.

One friend brought his new partner. Another spoke about how he was soon to wed. And another told us about how he was on his journey to become a father and take responsibility for a life. And a fourth shared about his most recent achievement. The happiness was contagious!

It was as if one had found a cherished moment, lost in the subconscious.

When was the last time you met friends who grew up with you?

When was the last time such a friend shared good news with you?

When was the last time you shared good news with this friend?

There is much value in finding forgotten friendships. And if you haven't done this in a while, there could be no better time than now.

Dharmendra Yadav

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